Flag / Vėliava / 2001


2001, video ir vėliavos instaliacija

Vilniaus gatvėse piliečiams užduodamas klausimas : “ kokia spalva jums labiausiai patinka :geltona, žalia ar raudona?”. Atsakantys žmonės filmuojami ir vėliau instaliacijoje rodomi viename arba trijuose monitoriuose. Remiantis atsakymų statistika, pasiūta Lietuvos vėliava, kurios spalvų proporcijos pakitusios: geltona – 25 , žalia – 51, raudona – 24 procentai. Pasiūta vėliava eksponuojama šalia rodomo interviu filmo.

2001, 8min.

The idea of this film is Lithuanian flag.  The author transforms the proportions of colours on the national flag according to the survey statistics. People on the streets where asked –‘Which colour they like the most?’ for the survey. Even yellow, green and red colour stripes are shifted – predominantly takes green, then yellow and the least – red.


Choose just from these 3? If these 3 then green. Why? well, the nature is green, so beautiful around, everything is green. Besides – don’t know, maybe it comes from the inside. Thank you.
meee well, like my mom says – green or green with blue. Why? It alludes to romance, affection.
All three. Yellow, green and red. Which one of these you like the most? I don’t know maybe green. Why? I don’t know. Cannot say exactly why. Thank you. Green is very pleasant colour.
Yellow. Why? Because it is like the sun. Thanx.
Red. Why? Why? Blood colour.
Green. Why? Green is not bad. So light. Red is better.
Red. Why? Just because.
–kids screaming: white, red, yellow, green. –woman: you know, I don’t know. Well thank you very much.
Yellow – for me. And for me. Why? Well I don’t know, the sun, the light.
faggots are wearing red. Yes. Yellow is jolly. Green – students, underground. That’s it.
straw-colour. Why? Well it is my sign colour. And it really fits me.
yellow – for me. The sun is yellow.
green. Why? well I don’t know why. I’m old and forgot everything.
I like green. Why? Because it reminds nature. Me too. It’s more for eyes. it calms somehow, calms your soul.
strange to say, but yellow. However if home interior or furniture I like green better. But I like wearing yellow it fits me.
Red. Why? You don’t know, why? no
maybe yellow. Why? it associates with the sun, sand, amber.
green? Why? just because. And you? Red. Why? Beautiful colour.
all. All three? Yes. Red the most. Why red? I like red cars.
all colours are beautiful. Above all, they have to tone in with each other.
Green is natural colour. And you? Red? Not quite.
green. Why? give me a moment…why….mmm…aaa Sharon’s suggestion.
maybe green. Why? well, maybe because I’m a policeman.
aa, out of these three – green of course. It is natural. Where did people mature? In greenness, on grass, and sometimes in trees. Even now the best people live in trees. Did you know?
yellow – the sun, green – the colour of lands. Red – our blood, three together – that’s Lithuania.
Strangely, I just turned 30 and I begin to like red colour. Before I didn’t like it at all. Why? Because it is a colour of passion and so venturesome.
we like – yellow and green. I like all three colours. Why do you like yellow and green? Well, it is our flag. Green is mankind, everything, nature. And yellow is blossoms. Yes. Did we answer ok, or not?
well, I think, green or red. They are in vogue now. Youth wear them a lot. Clothes and so on – to show up. So, I dare to say, that I like the best green colour, nevertheless mister said the green isn’t so… I didn’t disagree. I am the nature kind and because it is mostly in nature.
and you? I like Yellow. Yellow? And I like green. You know why? Why? Because it is spring.
red, no, maybe. Well it depends. You mean clothes, or what?
-for heart.
-for heart? Well, yellow is spring-like colour. Then it goes away, away then you replace it with another. Green. Maybe.
of course green. Look around it is so pleasant to the eye when trees come into leafs in spring.
green is meadow flower. The graaassss is green.
certainly green. Foremost the green colour. Because it is Žalgiris (national basketball team) (green wood).
Red. Ai… so flame. The most beautiful. Cool. Because it is so bright? Yeeee, when you wear red you show up. Not bad.